Regular Seasonal Festivals Series

Regular Fountain Pen – Seasonal Festivals Series Sailor is happy to launch this new regular product from the Limited Edition Seasonal Festivals. 

Spring Sky

Pillow Book # 4 – Spring Sky Previous image Next image

Manyo Fountain Pen II

MANYO FOUNTAIN PEN #2 Overseas Exclusive Pens & Inks PG Slim ‘Manyo’ A Fountain Pen edition of the ‘SAILOR MANYO INK’ is now available (Assorted sets only). The fountain pen follows the colors of two Manyo Inks with a unique combination and an exclusive cap top design. Previous image Next image This special set includes […]

PROFESSIONALGEAR Moonlight over the Ocean ‘Umi to Gekko’

PROFESSIONALGEAR Moonlight over the Ocean ‘Umi to Gekko’ A full moon rises over the Sea, and the bright yellow moonlight is reflected on the calming evening Ocean weaves.     Model name :  Professionalgear Moonlight over the Ocean ‘Umi to Gekko’Item code :     -King of Pens (21k): 11-8833   -PG (21k): 11-8834   -PG Slim (14k): […]


Launch in May 2023 up to August 2023

Solar Term Series

Solar Term Series The Changing of the four seasons in Japan is so beautiful that Japanese poeple have a custom of holding seasonal events and eating seasonal foods. Solstices and equinoxes are no exception. Fuki: the day of the vernal equinox. As it gets warmer, various plants will sprout. Tako: The day of the summer […]

Professional Gear ‘Blue Quasar’

Quasars are bright galactic centers. Most large galaxies have Super massive Black holes at their center ‘ingesting’ massive volumes of gas and dust. When the inflow of this material reaches a certain level – a Quasar is Formed. Cosmic material is swirling around the black hole generating immense friction, which emits electromagnetic radiation in the […]