Manyo Inks

MANYO INKS Précédent Suivant Manyo Inks – Regular Edition The theme of this edition of Manyo Ink is food. The food that people ate during the Heian period is described in the Manyoshu. Discover what kind of food culture existed among the common people or the aristocracy. See Manyo Fountain Pens • 50 mL • […]

Manyo Fountain Pen 3

MANYO FOUNTAIN PENS #3 Précédent Suivant Sailor Manyo 3rd Edition The very popular ‘SAILOR MANYO PEN’ series has evolved greatly. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Manyo ink, this special fountain pen is  available only this time with a combination of new and limited-edition colored Manyo inks. The foil embossing on the cap top […]


TUZU Go on TUZU website Précédent Suivant POINT 1 : Rotating Nib Feature Turn nib at 10-degree pitches from standard position & adjust to desired angle. POINT 2 : Natural Fit Grip 2 gently sloped sides for a natural fit in your fingers. Ample contact surface enables stable gripping. TUZULimited Edition Color Effortless and endless […]

Ripple Blue Ebonite

RIPPLE BLUE EBONITE Sailor Pen Europe exclusive collection Précédent Suivant Fashioned from Premium Ebonite marble, the « Ripple Blue Ebonite » collection beckons us to delve into the enchantment of a suspended moment, a time for skimming stones, where each skip etches memories of childhood joy and pure happiness. Elevate your senses with the unmatched qualityof the […]

Sunlight from the Ocean Floor

SUNLIGHT FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR Précédent Suivant The sun seen from the bottom of the sea has a jewel-like sparkle,bringing a fantastical world to the sea. Its light is an important source of energy for marine life and has more meaning than mere beauty. • Professional Gear • Limited Edition Including Metashine A- King of […]

Manyo Ink in Love

MANYO INK IN LOVE Précédent Suivant Sailor Manyo Ink 5th Anniversary “Manyoshu“ contains many poems composed with loved ones in mind. We have selected poems about unrequited love and made the nature that appears in the poems into ink. We will provide bottled ink with a limited label that has been foil-stamped. • Water based […]