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PG Slim ‘Manyo’

A Fountain Pen edition of the ‘SAILOR MANYO INK’ is now available (Assorted sets only).

The fountain pen follows the colors of two Manyo Inks with a unique combination and an exclusive cap top design.

This special set includes the fountain pen and the Manyo Ink in the same color.

Model name: Professionalgear Manyo Fountain Pen #2
Contents: 1 Manyo Fountain Pen, 1 Manyo Ink 50ml, 1 Converter
Item code: PG Slim (14k): [Grass]10-2558-260(F), -360(MF), -460(M) Manyo Ink HINOKI 50ml

                                              [Rabbit Ear Iris]10-2559-250(F), -350(MF), -450(M) Manyo Ink KAKITSUBATA 50ml

                                              [Violet]10-2560-240(F), -340(MF), -440(M) Manyo Ink KIKYOU 50ml 

                                              [Wisteria]10-2561-251(F), -351(MF), -451(M) Manyo Ink FUJI 50ml

                                              [Moss]10-2562-221(F), -321(MF), -421(M) Manyo Ink KOKE 50ml

Nib: 14K Gold with Gold Plating (Grass and Rabbit Ear Iris)
        14K Gold with Rhodium plating (Violet, Wisteria and Moss)
Filling system: Cartridge & Converter type
Material: PMMA Resin

This is the second edition of MANYO FOUNTAIN PEN, created in the hope that more people will become familiar with MANYO INK.

The concept of MANYO FOUNTAIN PEN is fun and new.

The pen combines the colors of MANYO INK with the design of the cap top.

This time, the body is transparent, so you can see the inserted converter and ink color.

We hope you will enjoy the combination of ink colors in addition to the combination of body colors.